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Top 10 DIY Remedies for Toothache

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Pain caused by infected tooth is one condition that can make us feel miserable. The intense pain that is brought by it does not allow us to drink or eat anything because it may worsen the feeling. This condition usually happens when bacteria invades and infect the pulp chamber area in the tooth which contains the blood vessels and nerve endings. DIY Remedies for Toothache This situation can weaken us, but we should not surrender as numerous natural toothache remedies can be used to cure it. Here is a list of those home remedies that you can try to eliminate the pain in the tooth.

1. The very commonly used toothache remedy is gargling salted water. This can be easily prepared by mixing spoonful heap of salt to lukewarm water in a glass. The mixture can be used as a mouth rinse. Swish it around the mouth targeting the affected areas for few minutes before spitting it out. While doing this and the water is in contact with the tooth, it undergoes osmosis process whereby the salted water dehydrates the bacteria in the tooth. Repeating this for a couple of times can yield better results in lessening the pain.

2. What many people do not realize that one of the quickest ways to remedy a toothache is a good shot of liquor? Simply squeeze a cotton swab and dip it on vodka, brandy or whiskey and place it on the affected area. You may also use this as a gargle if you cannot tolerate direct contact. This liquor has natural content that helps in numbing the tooth, thereby reducing the pain.

3.Garlic is another natural cure for aching tooth. Grab one whole of garlic and crush to until it is very fine. Get some salt and mixed it with the garlic paste. Apply a little amount directly on the cavity of the affected tooth. Garlic has a natural anti-bacterial content will which kill those pain-to cause bacteria in the tooth. This will effectively dull the pain that you are feeling.

4.Another way to relieve yourself from aching tooth is the use of extract coming from almonds, peppermint, or vanilla. You just have to get a cotton swab and saturate it on any of these extracts. The soaked cotton will then be kept in contact with the affected tooth for few minutes, and you will be amazed that this really can remove the pain.

5.Tea tree oil is very well known for its many benefits including being a cure to pain caused by the tooth infection. This can be used in many different ways. You can have it directly dropped in the cavity of the tooth. If you are not comfortable doing it that way, you may get cotton balls and put some few drops of the oil on it. Hold on the cotton to the affected area for a couple of minutes. You can also dilute the oil in a lukewarm of water and make a mouth rinse out of it. Use this to swish away the bacteria from the infected tooth.

6.Potato is surprisingly helpful also in curing aching tooth. Peel off a piece of raw potato and crush it. Hold it on the problem tooth until you feel that the pain is already decreasing, you may also mix the pounded potato with some salt before applying it.

7.You may also reduce the pain by applying lime on the area. You just cut a wedge of the lime. You can bite the slice on the problem area and hold it there so that you can extract the juice properly. But if your teeth have high sensitivity to cold, you may bring the sliced lime to room temperature before directly applying it.

8. If you do have a cucumber at home, it is can also be used to reduce the pain. Take a small slice of fresh cucumber and place it on the sore area of the gums. If it was previously refrigerated, you might also bring it first to room temperature before applying it. But if you are not that sensitive to cold, that cool of slice cucumber is very soothing. Crushing the cucumber and adding it with a pinch of salt before putting it in the cavity of the tooth may also be done.

9. If pain on the tooth attacks you unexpectedly, you may also grab fresh plantain leaf to cure it. You have to chew the leaf to mash it. If your problem area is too sore that you can barely chew on it, try doing it on the other side. Spit the mashed leaf leaving just enough to be placed on the tooth and hold it there until the pain disappears.

10. Use Natures Smile Gum Balm: This product is used in Sweden for last 50 years, It has seven herbal extracts: Oak, Silver Fir, Pine tree carotene extract, Chamomile, Yarrow, Saint John’s wort Greater Celandine, Nettle, Use this gum Balm twice a day as a regular toothpaste and stay away from gum disease. The natural ingredients of Natures smile are great to stop receding gums and also curing perinatal disease.

In short, pain caused by infected tooth can strike you at any time without any warning. This condition cannot simply be ignored. UsingNaturesmile Gum balm this can assure a great relief.  

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Bad Breath – A Primary Sign of Gum Disease

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If you are talking about a person and his/her mouth has this unpleasant smell, how would you feel? Of course, it is something that every individual should avoid. If you think you are on your way or already are having some, then you must at once find ways to get rid of it. Oral hygiene is highly essential. People should see to it that they clean their teeth, gums, and tongue regularly.

How To Reverse Receding Gums? The problem of bad breath has been overwhelmingly being experienced by a lot of people nowadays. It is just an indicator that some would tend to forget about this important human aspect. If you do not want to be one of them, or if you have a friend who needs help, then you might as well be guided by taking the right foods for a sound dental health. Here are some tips.


Drink plenty of water.

Scientists say the anaerobic bacteria produced by the breakdown of protein and sugar are the one that causes the foul smell. By drinking water always, the bacteria are washed out. Also, tea is an excellent remedy, so make sure that you have some regulars.

Chew sugarless gum.

The process of chewing increases saliva and so this washes away bacteria; however, you should not nibble gums that contain sugar because such will only develop the harmful particles that are residing inside your mouth. Eat crisp fruits and vegetables.

Aside from the fact that these would lead to a healthy body, taking in some of green foods would enable you to fight plaque as well. By eating the apple, celery, and cucumber, for instance, your mouth becomes naturally clean. Therefore, adding organic products to your daily diet is recommended.


These are just a few ways on how you can fight bad breath. If you want to know more about the topic, visit It offers information about receding gums, which include the cause of the disease, its symptoms, and its treatment. Being enlightened in such area would make you more knowledgeable about taking care of one of the most important parts of your body that is your mouth.

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How To Prevent Periodontal Disease During Pregnancy?

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Several studies link premature births with periodontal disease in pregnancy. Oral health diseases increase the risk of preterm delivery and adverse outcomes in pregnant women. Therefore it is always necessary to take good oral health care to prevent periodontal disease. However, during pregnancy the risk of oral cavity diseases is a bit higher.


A U.S. study revealed that women with periodontal disease or gingivitis tend to have premature babies i.e. before 37 weeks gestation. Preliminary results of the study indicate that poorly maintained oral health during pregnancy is a risk factor for prematurity. The researchers studied 357 women. Those suffering from gum problems tended to give birth before 37 weeks of gestation. A normal pregnancy usually consists of 40 weeks. Additionally, these women had babies with lower weight and a higher risk of preeclampsia (toxemia), which causes a severe upward pressure on the stem which can be fatal.

What are the preventions?
What is not clear yet whether treating gum during pregnancy prevent premature delivery, so if you are not expecting a baby, start right now to take care of your teeth and gums. You need to be disciplined with the use of dental floss and brushing the teeth, because pregnancy hormones make you be more prone to inflammation of your gums and tooth decay.

So, visit the dentist more often to prevent your gums from getting sick and prevent premature labor or a baby with low birth weight. In general, it is also necessary to go for a regular checkup after every six months when you are not pregnant and every 3 when you’re pregnant. As well as reminding your dentist that you’re pregnant, to take the necessary precautions and do not expose to x-rays or drugs that may be harmful to the fetus.

Other tips to care for your oral hygiene during pregnancy
• Use dental floss every day
• Brush your teeth after every meal
• Replace your toothbrush every three months or after being sick to avoid the multiplication of bacteria
• Use Nature’s Smile antiseptic mouthwash
• Avoid candy and sweets. Simple carbohydrates (sugar, white rice, white bread) also contribute to decay.
• Visit your dentist immediately if you notice that your gums bleed, you feel pain when chewing or temperature sensitivity

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Nature’s Smile natural oral health products like natural dentist mouthwash and natural gum balm are very effective to deal with all types of oral cavity disease. During pregnancy, it is good to use NS natural oral health products so as to completely reverse periodontal disease and receding Gums.

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