Shear blades of metal are a perfect instrument that includes chromium blade or high carbon steel blades and is used to cut any metals such as vinyl, brass, copper, aluminum or steel metals with light-gauge. Different types of shear blades do certain different types of work.

Common Types Of Shear Blades

The most common available types of shear blades are guillotine blades, throat-less blades, alligator, tin snips and power shear blades.

  • Alligator type

The Alligator type shear blades are commonly known as a lever shear. It is a metal chopping shear with an easy-to-open or hinged jaw. It is usually run by hydraulic cylinder or a flywheel. The jaw size can be range from four to thirty six inches big. These are made to cut steel products like pipe and so on. The alligator scissors can be used for slicing heavy metal products or even make scrap for shredding metal.

  • Guillotine blades

Guillotine blades are also called power or squaring shear. It can be operated by foot or mechanical energy. It first compresses the whole material and after that the cutters shear the whole material. The running blades depend upon the fixed blade and chop the material. This process is specially used for larger shears with the moving blade fixed at a specific angle.

  • Power shear blades

Power shear blades are operated by electric power and are handheld systems. They are used to chop large curves or vertical lines of metal products.

  • Throttles shear blades

Throttles shear blades are used to cut difficult vertical and bent metal pieces in sheet, as the metal can be moved across the cutting edge.

  • Tin shear blades

Tin shear blades are hand application that can chopped sheet metal and are accessible in two varieties. This type of blade is just like a common. The tin snips have long handles with small cutters and have extra wide jaws.

The precise design of thin blades can be used for vertical cuts and duckbill pattern is used for cutting circles and curves or various other types of patterns. Multiple action snips are good to use for aluminum up to eighteen gauge and in light steel up to twenty four gauge. The blades are serrated to keep the resistance and prevent from metal slipping.

Usage of shear blades

Mostly shear blades are made for cutting steel or other tough metal products while some are made for cutting soft metals. There are many other variants of shear blades. These are available in the market, according to the requirement of the shapes to be cut and the metal used. Some of the shear blades are made for cutting soft metals while their regular use of steel metal.