If you don’t want to lose your important text messages on your smartphone, then why not print them for another backup?

With software technology, it is possible now to get text messages from your phone and print them in through your computer. For this, you just need a software to extract Android SMS text messages from the Android phone’s internal memory and save to your computer in “.txt or .xml” format for printing. SMS Reader for PC is a free Android Desktop Manager, which can fully realize your desire.


SMS reader for PC Android Desktop Manager is a software for Android data management that can help Android users to scan, view and transfer all their phone data on their computer, including text messages, contacts, photos and many other things. It also allows you to save the exported text messages and save them as a printable format on the computer so that you can print directly on a sheet of paper without any problem. SMS Reader for PC is easy to use free software to print SMS messages compatible with every android phone.

Here are some tips for Windows base Android phone, but this process is appropriate for both Mac and Windows base Android phone.

  • Install the software version for Mac or Windows in accordance with your own phone.

Link up your Android phone to your PC

Start SMS reader for PC Android Manager set up, and you get the screen. Now attach the Android phone with a computer by using a USB cord. Nearly all Android phones are compatible with this program. This program automatically detects your mobile phone as soon as it has been connected correctly. The storage, system version, state, model number and many info about your phone will be displayed.

If you are first time running this application, you should enable debugging USB on your cell phone, but if you try it before, you can ignore and go to the next step. For Android 2.3, 3.0 to 4.2 or newer: Enter “Settings.”

When the debugging USB is enabled, select on “Allow” at your Android to enable this software for authorization whenever a Superuser Request appears.

Find and choose the Text Messages You need to Print

All files on your Android phone will show in categories menu. On the left side panel, you can pick the SMS tab. Take a look at SMS messages, saved in the right window of your Android phone and then select Export button to bring out the Path window pop-up.

Save Android SMS to Computer for Printing

A path window pop-up shows up when you click the Export or Backup button. Specify the output location the places you want to save the exported data then press OK. After that, all of the text messages will be transferred to the destination folder automatically; now you can print them with a hooked up printer whenever you want.

About SMS reader for PC Software:

  • SMS reader for PC Android Desktop Manager works with almost all popular Android devices like Motorola, Sony Ericsson, Samsung, HTC, etc.
  • With one click you can restore your Android phone from the backup record.